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Parenting Solutions provides support and guidance for parents dealing with the many problems and concerns parenting raises for most of us.  It also provides training and consultation to assist other professionals who work with parents, including teachers, mental health and medical professionals, and divorce professionals.   Parents and professionals using our services benefit from professional expertise to identify strategies and solutions that work because they are based on developmental research that helps us understand why children do the things they do, and what parents need to do to support cooperative, caring, respectful behavior and healthy development.
Parenting Solutions helps parents of children, infants through teens, who are behaving in any of the challenging, frustrating ways children can behave, including temper outbursts, sibling fighting, problems with going to sleep and staying asleep, toilet training problems, and problems that are concerning teachers at child care, preschool, and school.  We can also help you determine whether your child could benefit from counseling, or some other intervention.  In addition, we help parents identify the parenting skills necessary to make a family work, whether mom is dealing with the challenges of being at home with the kids or working outside the home, or dealing with any of the stressful situations facing families, like the death or illness of a family member, and other family concerns.  We also work with parents who are dealing with divorce, whether it's helping sort out whether divorce is the best solution, helping parents go through the divorce process, or dealing with post-divorce and step-parenting concerns.
Parenting Solutions works with parents and professionals in a variety of ways.  We offer training sessions for professonals, and individual consultations and mediation services for parents.  We meet with parents at our offices at 6 Colonial Drive in Westborough.  We invite you to explore the website and our specific services to see how we can be of help you.
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