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Parents Dealing with Divorce

Divorce Mediation for Parents
When you want to do what's best for your children as you are getting divorced, mediation is a cost-effective way to develop your divorce agreement while helping you get the information needed to make all the necessary decisions.  As a trained mediator and a developmental psychologist, Sylvia Sirignano, Ph.D., helps parents come to agreement about parenting plans, even in the midst of emotional upset and conflict that can be an inevitable part of divorce.  The mediation process helps parents come to agreements in order to make decisions and plans both parents feel will work for themselves and the children.

Working with Dr. Sirignano is especially beneficial when you have a child with a disability, chronic illness, or other special need.  It is also especially helpful when there are differences between parents about what's best for children and in post-divorce parenting schedules and co-parenting arrangements.

Dr. Sirignano is a member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation and works as a parenting and child specialist with attorneys, financial planners, and other mediators so that parents can develop the complete divorce agreement necessary to obtain a legal divorce.
Fee: $200 per hour  |  Request Mediation Online
(We are happy to work with you on the fee if it makes it a little easier for you to seek assistance.)

Please call 508-366-7557 for more information
Individual Divorce Consultations
Are you finding yourself in a very difficult divorce situation?  Divorce is more difficult when one parent has concerns about the other parent's competence and/or caring and involvement with the children.  Divorce is also more difficult when you are embroiled in a seemingly endless conflict with your children's other parent.  Dr. Sirignano can meet with one parent individually to help a concerned parent find ways to make changes in the situation that can protect the children from being hurt by the divorce and address concerns about the other parent.  Scheduled by appointment and held at the offices of PARENTING SOLUTIONS.
Fee: $150 per hour  |  Request an Individual Consultation Online

Please call 508-366-7557 for more information

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