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Individual Parenting Consultations
Dr. Sirignano offers individual consultations to provide focused time for your specific concerns.  A single session consultation is often all that is needed but additional sessions can be arranged.  These are not therapy sessions; rather, they are intended to help parents better understand the problem behaviors, and give you information and strategies to address the problems.

Dr. Sirignano specializes in helping parents of the more strong-willed, challenging children, children who have anger difficulties, children with sleep, eating, or toileting problems, and children who are defiant and disrespectful.  She also specializes in helping parents dealing with divorce, with child care, preschool, and school concerns, and with problems making the marriage and parenting work, but any parenting concern is appropriate.  Scheduled by appointment and held at the offices of PARENTING SOLUTIONS.

Fee: $150 for the first 90 minute session;  $120 per hour for follow-up sessions
(We are happy to work with you on the fee if it makes it a little easier for you to seek assistance with parenting concerns.)

To request a consultation or for additional information,
please call Dr. Sirignano at 508-366-7557

You may also click HERE to complete and submit a consultation request form

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