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Parenting Mediation
Sometimes couples need help resolving differences about parenting.   Multiple problems and areas for conflicts arise that are most often completely unanticipated when couples try to parent together.  Often addressing these difficulties can be difficult to resolve without help.  Parenting Mediation provides a process for clarifying differences and finding solutions that work for both parents.  Mediation is not therapy and it is not about making changes in yourself or the other.  Mediation helps couples find solutions even when parents continue to hold onto differing values and parenting styles.

Sylvia Sirignano, Ph.D. is a trained mediator who leads parents through this process and helps them come up with solutions to the differences between them.  Although most often thought to be useful to divorcing parents, mediation can provide answers to many couples' difficulties.

Scheduled by appointment and held at the offices of Parenting Solutions.

Fee: $150 per hour
(We are happy to work with you on the fee if it makes it a little easier for you to seek assistance with parenting concerns.)

To request a consultation or for additional information,
please call Dr. Sirignano at 508-366-7557

You may also click HERE to complete and submit a consultation request form

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