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Parenting That Works! is an online workshop series that provides parents with helpful information and strategies to deal with a variety of parenting concerns.

Children often present us with confusing, difficult behavior that doesn’t respond, or only gets worse, when we try the strategies we think should work.  In this series of workshops, you will learn strategies that do  work because they are based on developmental research that helps us identify the variety of factors that cause children do the things they do, and what parents need to do to support cooperative, caring, respectful behavior and healthy development.

If you would like additional information about these or any of our programs, please call 508-366-7557.
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Upcoming 'Parenting That Works!'  Workshops for release Spring 2015
Solving Your Baby and Young Child's Sleep Problem
Discipline From the Start
Having a Wonderful Day With Your Infant or Toddler
Parenting As a Team
Discipline That Works
When You Feel Like Screaming
Secrets of Successful Discipline
Knowing When and How To Say "NO!"
Who's in Control?
Making Marriage and Parenting Work
After Divorce: Dealing with Co-Parenting Difficulties
Raising Responsible, Caring Kids
After Divorce: When Co-Parenting Seems Impossible  
Is It Worth Trying To Save This Marriage: What's Best for the Kids?
Please check our website over the next few months to learn more about this exciting new development.
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